Jan 21

Drs. McMurphy and Moore take on VMX

Did you know that Friendship’s veterinarians are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education each year?  In fact, our board-certified specialty doctors provide free continuing education lectures for all DC-area veterinarians (and beyond!) every month at our hospital. In order to practice the highest quality of medicine, the majority of Friendship’s staff doctors actually complete far more CE than the minimum requirement.

Dr. Amanda McMurpy and Dr. Nicola Moore at VMX in Orlando, FL.

Friendship Primary Care doctors, Dr. McMurphy and Dr. Moore, are currently attending the VMX (Veterinary Meeting and Expo) vet conference in Orlando, FL.  They are attending lectures and learning about the newest products and technology in the expansive exhibit hall…and hopefully enjoying some warmer weather!

We cannot wait to hear what they have learned when they get back! #vmx2020

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