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Unmatched Anesthetic Expertise

Friendship is proud to be the only clinic in the district with a full-time, board-certified anesthesiologist on staff.  Dr. Nicole Luensman and Dr. Travis Mills provide the gold standard in care for all patients undergoing anesthesia. Each anesthetic plan is customized for the patient and procedure. In addition, our anthologists offer the most advanced perioperative pain control in the form of ultrasound guided nerve blockade for acute or chronic pain conditions.

Services offered:

  • Advanced anesthetic monitoring
  • Invasive blood pressure and arterial blood gas monitoring when applicable
  • End tidal CO2 monitoring
  • Neuromuscular blockade and monitoring
  • Advanced pain management
  • Ultrasound guided nerve blocks
  • Customized analgesic CRIs

Team members:

Dr. Luensman and Dr. Mills supervise a team of dedicated anesthesia technicians who staff specialty surgery, general surgery, advanced imaging, dentistry and all other specialty anesthesia needs within the hospital.

Description of expertise:

After graduation from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Luensman completed her rotating internship at Friendship Hospital for Animals before completing her residency in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at The Ohio State University. Upon return to FHA, Dr. Luensman worked with the hospital to establish state-of-the-art anesthetic and pain management protocols, and to offer the best individualized care for each patient.

After graduation from the Royal Veterinary College in London, England, Dr. Mills completed his rotating internship at Mississippi State University before completing his residency in Anesthesia and Analgesia at the University of Pennsylvania.  He joined the Friendship Anesthesia Department in August 2023 to continue to advance our anesthetic protocols and increase our anesthetic capabilities.


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