Mar 02

The Curious Case of Winter’s Incontinence

Ever since Winter was adopted at 7 weeks of age, she has dribbled urine. This leaking was constant- when she was sleeping but also when she was awake, walking, and playing. Spaying her produced no improvement in the incontinence, nor did any medication seem to help. Hoping to find a solution, Winter was presented to the Friendship Nephrology and Urology Service for evaluation when she was about one year old.

Based upon the age of onset and pattern of Winter’s incontinence, a congenital abnormality was suspected. The top suspicion was an ectopic ureter. This is a condition where the ureter, the tube that brings urine from the kidney to the bladder, opens into the urethra below the sphincter. This results in each drop of urine the kidney makes to travel down the urethra and causes constant incontinence.

Winter was anesthetized and cystoscopy was performed. A camera was passed through her urethra to evaluate for any abnormalities. Our suspicions were confirmed- both of Winter’s ureters were ectopic!

After confirming the diagnosis of bilateral intramural ectopic ureters, a laser was used to move the opening of the ureters back into the urinary bladder, above the urethral sphincter. The diagnosis and treatment of this condition were both performed under the same anesthesia and Winter went home later that afternoon.

Following the procedure, Winter’s incontinence has completely resolved! She is not taking any medications and continues to be a happy playful young dog! Friendship’s advanced treatment capabilities allowed successful treatment of her condition without surgery, incisions, or activity restriction.

Dr. JD Foster

Dr. Foster graduated from the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school. Upon becoming a board certified internal medicine specialist, Dr. Foster spent four years running the hemodialysis and blood purification service at the University of Pennsylvania before coming to FHA in 2016.

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