Jan 27

Introducing Extracorporeal Therapies!

Introducing Extracorporeal Therapies!

Friendship Internal Medicine is happy to announce the opening of our Extracorporeal Therapies Service! Dr. JD Foster, Dr. Gideon Daniel, and their team can perform hemodialysis and hemoperfusion to treat kidney disease and various toxin ingestions in our patients.

Our first patient, Bay, is a four year old lab. Bay’s owners returned home from a day out to find her unconscious, having difficulty breathing, and not responding. She had eaten half a bottle of ibuprofen sometime during the day.  When Bay presented at Friendship, she had an obvious loss of alertness.

Hemodialysis and hemoperfusion allow us to remove toxins from the blood in ways that traditional therapies cannot. If treated early enough, drugs (like ibuprofen) can be removed from the blood prior to causing any permanent organ damage. Two hours into her treatment, Bay woke up and became neurologically appropriate!

After a five and a half hour treatment, Bay walked out of the dialysis suite on her own accord!

Dr. Foster, Bay, and Miranda.



We are happy to report that after two days in the hospital, Bay went home! There is no evidence of kidney damage on her blood work, and Bay has made a full recovery!

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