Meet our Doctors

Anna Tran, VMD

Specialty Surgery Intern

Orthopedic & Specialty Surgery

I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I completed a small animal rotating internship at University of Minnesota. Out of all my veterinary experiences, I have enjoyed working in surgery the most.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, listening to music, staying active, and playing video games.


  • Boston University, B.A. in Biology, minor in Chemistry
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, V.M.D.

Publications and Research:

  • Andrieu, G., Tran, A. H., Strissel, K. J., & Denis, G. V. (2016). BRD4 regulates breast cancer dissemination through Jagged1/Notch1 signaling. Cancer research, 76(22), 6555-6567.
  • Denis, G. V., Sebastiani, P., Bertrand, K. A., Strissel, K. J., Tran, A. H., Slama, J., Medina, N. D., Andrieu, G., & Palmer, J. R. (2018). Inflammatory signatures distinguish metabolic health in African American women with obesity. PloS one, 13(5).
  • Denis, G. V., Sebastiani, P., Andrieu, G., Tran, A. H., Strissel, K. J., Lombardi, F. L., & Palmer, J. R. (2017). Relationships among obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and plasma cytokines in African American Women. Obesity, 25(11), 1916-1920.
  • Di Santo, V., Tran, A. H., & Svendsen, J. C. (2016). Progressive hypoxia decouples activity and aerobic performance of skate embryos. Conservation physiology, 4(1).

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