Meet our Doctors

Samantha Sandwick, DVM

Rotating Veterinarian

I am originally from Albany, New York, but I did my undergraduate work at Brown University in Rhode Island, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Geochemistry and completed a senior thesis on climate cycles in the Pacific Ocean. Right after college, I moved to Ithaca, New York to attend Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. I had a great time living in Ithaca and enjoyed hiking the gorges. Outside of class, I was involved in research studying canine aging and a project examining electrolyte balance in racing sled dogs – the latter work took me to Alaska twice to two different sled dog races northeast of Fairbanks!

In my free time, I love to cook, hike, swim, and snuggle with my cat Zoey. Having spent most of my life in the northeast, I am very excited to experience life in DC, but I am most excited to join everyone at FHA for my internship!


  • Brown University, A.B. Geology-Chemistry
  • Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, DVM

Publications and Research:

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